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The Temple maintains separate Jewish burial space at two cemeteries in Ann Arbor:
Arborcrest Cemetery, 2521 Glazier Way, Ann Arbor and
Washtenong Cemetery, 3771 Whitmore Lake Rd., Ann Arbor.
Please see the links below for information and current prices at each location.
To arrange a site visit to either or both locations, contact a cemetery committee
member below or call the TBE office at 734.665.4744.
At this time, our separate cremation inurement section is located at Arborcrest only.

Harriet Charson:  734.528.1061
Ken Handwerger:  734.662.0154
Marty Ludington:  269.781.5094
Andrea Ludwig:  734.302.3335
Ronnie Simon:  734.429.5935
Gretta Spier: 734.276.2048

Photo of the Cremation Area at Arborcrest.

Arborcrest Cemetery

Arborcrest Cemetery Brochure

Current Arborcrest Cemetery Price List

Traditional vs. Cremation Burial Costs
(separate TBE cremation interment space at Arborcrest only)

Arborcrest Rules & Regulations

Cremation Section Site Plan

Washtenong Cemetery

Washtenong Cemetery Brochure

Current Washtenong Cemetery Price List

Washtenong Maps

Washtenong Rules & Regulations

Washtenong Decoration Policy

Only Allowable Memorial Marker Samples
(Flower vase optional; Hebrew and emblems i.e., Star of David available)
1. Single grave memorial
2. Double grave memorial
3. Single grave memorial for two interments (see Rules & Regulations)

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Area Funeral Homes that serve TBE congregants

Pamphlet: "Your Rights Regarding Funeral Goods/Services"

TBE Bereavement Guide



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