Caring for each other in times of illness...with meals, visits, and ongoing communication. 

Caring for each other in times of loss...with shiva minyan leaders, meals, visits, and ongoing communication.

Caring for each other in times of celebration...with Shabbat family dinners for families with new babies.

Caring for our seniors and those who live alone...with ongoing communication, assistance with tasks, rides to services, calls, and referrals to those who can provide further help.

Caring for those who care for others and those facing life changes...with support groups at Temple.

Caring for each other as we explore our faith...with spirituality classes and groups, and meditation. 

Check out this Caring Community Brochure
to learn more ways to get involved. 


 Generations After

Generations After is an affinity group of TBE members whose families
survived the Holocaust. It is open to all who wish to learn more
about the Holocaust and participate in Shoah remembrance.

Shabbat Service & Commemoration of Yom HaShoah
Wednesday, April 11 | 7:30 pm | TBE Sanctuary
This special service is developed yearly by members
of Generations After, TBE's group of Holocaust survivors
and their descendants. Speaking on behalf of victims of the Shoah,
Generations After will focus on "The Chance to Show Humanity."

When we grapple with the enormity of our losses in the Shoah,
we struggle to make sense of how and why a remnant of our people survived.
In many instances, it was by pure chance - a random happenstance.
But "chance" also means seizing an opportunity, and it other instances,
individuals took the chance to show humanity through acts large and small,
and so helped our loved ones survive.

Please join us for stories of chance, humanity, and how these relate to our lives today.



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Major Upcoming Events

Major Upcoming Events

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Our Mission

We promote and nurture the beliefs and practices of Reform Judaism by cultivating a love and understanding of our Jewish heritage, stimulating fellowship within the Temple and in the Jewish community, and strengthening the bonds of loyalty with the Jewish people everywhere to bring near the age of universal peace through acts of righteousness in society at large.