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Twenties & Thirties Group (TNT)

The Twenties and Thirties Group (TNT), is a social community of couples, young families and singles in their twenties and thirties sponsored by the Caring Community of Temple Beth Emeth.

We always welcome new people to the group, including those who are not members of Temple Beth Emeth. Just come to any event that interests you! 

Also, if you have ideas for events you would like to see, don't hesitate to ask.


Check out pictures here!

We had a great time canoeing on the Huron River last year.  Check out more pictures here!

Upcoming 2014-2015 Events 

September 14, 1:30 pm                   Canoeing

October 11, 6 pm                              Sangria in the Sukkah

November 9, 10:30 am                   Torah on Tap Brunch

January 24, 7 pm                             Bowling 

February 10, 5:30 pm                     Torah on Tap Happy Hour 

March 4, 8 pm                                   Purim Party 

March 7, 7 pm                                   Adult Purim Party/Mascarade Ball

April 17, 6 pm                                   Downtown synagogue (Detroit)

May 9, 8 pm                                       Bonfire

June 6, 12 Noon                                Potluck Picnic at the Arb 


Other 20s and 30s Jewish Community Groups in Ann Arbor:


YAD (Young Adult Division) of the Jewish Federation of Greater Ann Arbor, and

JYP (Jewish Young Professionals)

JAG (Jewish Association of Graduate Students) at University of Michigan


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