Regular & Ongoing Service Details

Noon | Lunch & Learn
5:45 pm | Tot Shabbat
5:45 pm | Step Up Shabbat
6:15 pm | Tot Shabbat Dinner
6:45 pm | Shira
7:10 pm | Popsicle Oneg
7:30 pm | Congregational Service

8:50 am | Torah Study
10 am | Shabbat Service or Bat/Bar Mitzvah Service

5:30 pm | Shabbat Achat Dinner
6:30 pm | Shabbat Achat Service
This service runs every fourth Friday of the month,
and replaces the regular Tot Shabbat/Step Up Shabbat
and the traditional 7:30 pm service.
Shabbat Achat runs September-June.


 Shabbat Service & Commemoration of Yom HaShoah Service
Wednesday, April 11 | 7:30 pm | TBE Sanctuary
This special service is developed yearly by members
of Generations After, TBE's group of Holocaust survivors and their
descendants. Speaking on behalf of victims of the Shoah,
Generations After will focus on "The Chance to Show Humanity."

When we grapple with the enormity of our losses in the Shoah,
we struggle to make sense of how and why a remnant of our people
survived. In many instances, it was by pure chance - a random happenstance.
But "chance" also means seizing an opportunity, and in other instances,
individuals took the chance to show humanity through acts large and small,
and so helped our loved ones survive.

Please join us for stories of chance, humanity, and how these relate to our lives today.

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