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		                                		                                <span class="blog_author">
		                                	Rabbi Josh Whinston		                                </span>
		                                		                                <span class="blog_date">
		                                	Thursday, Feb 2nd		                                </span>
		                            <span class="slider_description"><p>In this week’s Torah portion, Beshalach, we find a pinnacle moment in the story of our ancestor’s escape From Egypt. This week we read Shirat HaYam, the Song of the Sea, or the splitting of the sea. The Israelites walk through the sea unscathed, but the Egyptians are swallowed up as the water comes crashing down. Living in Israel for the last month feels very similar to splitting of the sea in Torah. After 18 months out of office,...</span>
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Wed, February 8 2023 17 Sh'vat 5783