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Life Cycle Events

WEDDINGSCupped hands hold soil growing a young plant
We feel honored to join you under the chupah and help create one of the most meaningful days of your life. Our clergy officiate at wedding services in Temple Beth Emeth's sanctuary as well as at nearby locations. Interfaith officiation is possible for families who intend to have a Jewish home and, if there are children, to raise them as Jews.   

Our clergy are available to help welcome children into the Covenant of Israel. When available, we co-officiate with a mohel for brit milah (bris) for baby boys. We also officiate solely for the covenant ceremony of a girl, brit bat. Namings can be done on our bimah during Shabbat services or in your home at a mutually agreeable time.

Every Jew reaches the age of Jewish responsibility at his or her 13th birthday and automatically becomes a bat/bar mitzvah. We look forward to working with your family as we welcome your child to our bimah. Students enrolled in a Religious School program for at least 2 years, or those members who are attending a Jewish day school, are eligible to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah in our community. Every few years we create a class for adults who did not celebrate a bar/bat mitzvah at 13 and are interested in doing so as an adult. We notify the congregation about adult B'nai Mitzvah classes in our weekly email.

We welcome those who wish to explore our religious tradition and consider embracing Judaism and becoming a part of the Jewish people. Rabbi Whinston works with individual candidates toward conversion to Judaism on an ongoing basis and welcomes new conversion candidates throughout the year.

The clergy strives to make themselves available to bereaved families as soon as we hear of a death. Rabbi Whinston will meet with your family in advance of a funeral service and officiate at either the graveside or in our sanctuary.

Rabbi Whinston, Cantor Hayut, or a layperson will officiate at shiva minyan services in the home of the bereaved for one service or up to the full week of shiva. Temple Beth Emeth provides appropriate prayer books and kippot.

Whatever your need, please contact the office to set up an appointment with Rabbi Whinston or Cantor Hayut. or 734-665-4744.

Mon, March 20 2023 27 Adar 5783