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School Module FAQ

How do I enroll my child(ren) in the Terri A. Ginburg Religious & Hebrew School? 

  • You must have a log in for the ShulCloud Database used by Temple Beth Emeth. If you do not have a log in, please contact Victoria Gross,, to request access. 
  • Once logged in to ShulCloud, select “My Account” from the navigation menu, and then select the “School Enrollment” tile. 


Do I have to fill this out every year? 

  • No! This module is tied to your ShulCloud account and the information provided will stay in the system. When you enroll your child(ren) the following year, you will only need to make updates to the information. 


My child is not listed in the enrollment module. What do I do? 

  • A child must be listed in your profile before they appear in the school module. This cannot be done during the enrollment process. In the “My Account” page, click on the “My Family” tile and add then “Add Person.” Make sure the “Person Type” is “Child.” 


What Grade do I select? 

  • Select the grade your child(ren) will be starting in the Fall of the current year. 


How do I know what classes to enroll my child(ren) in? 

  • Since you must log in to ShulCloud in order to enroll in the Terri A. Ginsburg Religious & Hebrew School, once you select the appropriate grade level for your student(s), the system will automatically populate the religious and/or Hebrew classes available. The classes are color coded: Green for Hebrew Classes and Purple for Religious Classes. If given a choice of both types of classes, be sure to enroll in one of each. 


Why are there two options for each class? 

  • Each year, part of your membership pledge directly supports the education of our youth, which allows us to offer a lower, member supported tuition rate. When enrolling, you will now see two tuition options, the member supported tuition and the actual, full cost. Please choose whichever tuition option best fits your family. 


How do I apply for a scholarship? 

  • We suggest that you apply for a school scholarship before enrolling your child(ren) in school, but you can apply afterward as well. Log in to ShulCloud and complete the School Scholarship Form. Once it is approved, your enrollment will be approved and you will receive notification and an invoice for any remaining balance on your account. 


What happens when I finish the enrollment? 

  • A school administrator will be notified that you have enrolled your child. They will double-check that your information and the classes you have selected are appropriate for your child. If you applied for a scholarship, they will apply the scholarship to your balance once it is approved. When finished, they will approve your enrollment, and you will receive notification along with an invoice for any remaining balance on your account. 
Sat, June 15 2024 9 Sivan 5784