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Choirs & Music

“Singing in Kol Halev is both fun and spiritual.  I am uplifted by the music itself and by the goal of communicating that joy to our congregation.” --Ted Lawrence

Kol HaLev

Kol HaLev is the Temple Beth Emeth adult volunteer choir. Open to all adult singing enthusiasts (anyone 8th grade and up, regardless of your choral experience or ability to read music), the group meets weekly on Sundays, keeping the music alive even during the days of physical isolation due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Kol HaLev participates in High Holiday Services as well as special services, concerts and programs during the course of the year.

Kol HaLev meetings are both in person and on Zoom, or on Zoom only when in-person meetings are not possible. Please check the temple calendar for the most updated information.

Interested in joining? We’d love to welcome you!
And, to hear more, check out our YouTube page:

Please see our Covid-19 protocols for in-person attendance at Kol HaLev rehearsals:

  1. All attendees must be fully vaccinated (2 doses of Pfizer or Moderna, or one of Johnson and Johnson plus Boosters as per CDC guidelines).
  2. All attendees must wear a high quality (N95), face mask properly at all times.
  3. Seating will be arranged so that everyone is sitting at least 6 feet apart (an exception can be made for members of the same household).
  4. If a member is not feeling well for any reason at the time of the rehearsal, they will stay home but are welcome to zoom into the rehearsal.
  5. If a member has been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID, they shall refrain from attending an in-person rehearsal until the proper waiting period passes (10 days after exposure AND still feeling well, or if they have had a negative COVID PCR test 5-7 days after exposure). This is more strict than standard CDC guidance on quarantine because of the high transmission risk with singing.
  6. If a member contracts COVID-19, they shall inform Cantor Hayut. They shall refrain from attending in-person rehearsals until they are deemed no longer a risk to transmit to others. Usually this means all of the following are true: 10 days after onset of symptoms, no fever for 24 hours, all symptoms are improving, and not immunocompromised.   

Shir Chadash Youth Music Programs

Music is an important part of any educational program and can be ‘instrumental’ in developing a strong sense Jewish identity and pride! Here at Temple Beth Emeth, we not only teach music in class but also offer our students additional programs to discover the joys of Jewish music.

Students involved with the Shir Chadash Choir or Band will have the opportunity to learn and grow musically and Jewishly as they prepare for special musical programs and celebrations at Temple Beth Emeth once programming resumes.

If your child is interested in joining one of the Shir Chadash music groups when we return from our hiatus, please contact Cantor Hayut.

Please Note: Shir Chadash Youth Music Programming is currently suspended due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Shir Chadash Choir 

"During the years that I had a choir, I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the music and experience of community... We always had a lot of fun learning the songs...and it was a good way to meet new people and enjoy Judaism through music and bonding." -- Bella Gankin 7th Grade

Jewish Choral singing is fun, educational and musically engaging! The Shir Chadash Choir is for students grades 3-7 who love music and want to learn to sing in several languages, become familiar with beautiful Jewish music, enjoy the challenge of singing harmonies and are ready to have a great time in rehearsals and performances.

Shir Chadash Band 

"TBE teen band was a super fun experience for me , it's very laid back and the directors are super nice. It was a new way for me to get in touch with my Judaism through music and use my instrument in places other than regular school." -- Sarita Gankin 10th grade

The Shir Chadash Band is a Teen Band open to middle or high school instrumental students. Students who participate have the opportunity to learn fun arrangements of Jewish music, receive support in the performance of their instruments and be part of a fantastic community of musical friends.

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