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03/30/2023 05:00:00 PM


Rabbi Josh Whinston

While not the primary objective of making sacrifices, accountability was undoubtedly an outcome of the sacrificial system for our ancestors. In many cases, bringing an offering to the Tabernacle or the Temple meant that our ancestors needed to take responsibility for their mistakes. Sacrifices allowed them to take responsibility but not dwell on those mistakes. Once they made their offering, the cosmic equation was balanced, and all would be well with God. To that end, I need to ask for forgiveness. Last week in my email, I said I would speak about what is happening in Israel and my experience while on sabbatical. I completely forgot that this Shabbat, we are celebrating Trans Awareness Shabbat (which will be great, and everyone should join us Friday night) and that we already have a speaker for this Shabbat. So even though I won’t be speaking on Shabbat, we will find a time soon for me to share my experiences and thoughts on the current moment in Israeli politics.
If you are eager to learn more about what is happening in Israel, I encourage you to attend tonight’s session with Rabbi Arik Ascherman, a human rights hero from Israel. Rabbi Ascherman is speaking at 7:30 tonight at the JCC. Ascherman runs an organization called Torat Tzedek (Torah of Justice) and helps defend the human rights of Palestinian farmers, shepherds, and at-risk Israelis. He is a wealth of knowledge and has first-hand experience defending the human rights of Arabs and Jews alike. Please join us tonight.

Sun, March 3 2024 23 Adar I 5784