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10/19/2023 05:00:26 PM


Rabbi Josh Whinston

Our hearts remain torn apart today as we continue to learn of the horror that befell our people in the land of Israel on October 7th. We continue to cry out for the return of hostages, innocent babies, children, women, men, all people who are being held hostage in dark tunnels and bunkers fearing for their lives. Party goers who last saw daylight at a rave in the desert, now ravaged by the inhumanity humans inflict on each other. We pray for their swift return and the safety of all innocent peoples in the land.

This afternoon I had the privilege of meeting with American and Israeli rabbis on a webinar hosted by the Shalom Hartman Institute. A prayer was shared with us by Rabbi Barry Katz, a rabbi from New York. I thought it appropriate to share it with you all today.


Rabbi Barry Dov Katz

The story of Noah is too hard to bear
But at least there was an ark
To include, protect and save from the flood

We are the ones who need an ark to save us from
the flood.
We all need gopher wood and pitch for our souls
We all search for the window to feel the sun on
our faces and to see the horizon

Since there is no ark
We will be the ark

May it be Your will, our God, whose spirit hovers
over the face of the waters,
Return our spirit, and give us the strength to be
the ark.

When we are in distress
May we build together an ark of love, assistance,
and support
An ark that has in it, a hug
An ark that has room for all of the tears.
May we together, be an ark facing each and every
wave in the flood and storm

May it be Your will, our God,
that your spirit which hovers over the face of the
Will help us to be an ark of mutual friendship
So that in this narrow place, full of pain and
anger, we will not become enemies,
that we will understand that our future and fate
are one

Give us the strength to be an ark of listening
An ark that is spacious and has room for all
Do not let the flood enter the holiness of our

Our God, may it be your will that your spirit which
hovers over the face of the waters, will bring to
You the prayers we offer before the ark in our
synagogue and in every place.

May it be your will that You know that in each
letter and word, scream and silence
To you we turn.

Remember the ark that Miriam placed gently and
hopefully in the water.
Protect our loved ones
Protect our soldiers,
Protect the captives
Protect the wounded
Guard us from all evil.
Since there is no ark
We will be the ark

May we soon know that “the waters have
receded from the earth.”
Fulfill for us that which is written:
There will not be another flood
And the rainbow appeared in the clouds.

And let us say

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784