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Women's Trip to Israel 2024

June 30 - July 10, 2024 

Almost everything you need to know to join TBE's first Women's Purpose-Driven Journey to Israel. 

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Itinerary and Registration information can be found at the

J2Adventures TBE Women's Trip to Israel Website

Informational Presentation Slideshow

Did you miss our informational presentation? 

Do you want to review some of the details we discussed?

Here is the slideshow.


When are we going?

Depart US June 30 and arrive in Israel July 1.
On the ground in Israel afternoon of July 1 - afternoon of July 9
Depart Israel  evening of July 9 and arrive in US July 10

What does the trip cost?

$4990 Land only, Double occupancy
$6120 Land only, Single occupancy
????  Approximate round trip airfare Detroit - Israel - Detroit plus some meals, tips and shopping
$500 non-refundable Deposit is needed to secure your spot on the trip. You can register without paying it, but your spot will not be guaranteed until the deposit is paid.
**More details regarding costs & money questions

How do I join the trip?

Register at
Click the REGISTER NOW button at the top of the page
You do NOT need to know your roommate (just enter TBA).
NEW!!! If you do not have your passport number yet,  you can still register and pay your deposit. You can go back later and add that information when you have it.


Who is going?

This is a trip designed for anyone identifying as a woman.
Cantor Regina Hayut will be our TBE group leader.
Trip participants will include members of TBE and their close relatives.

Why are we going?

To celebrate the retirement of Cantor Regina Hayut
To experience and learn about Israel through the eyes of women
To bond as a community of TBE women

What are key deadlines?

Register as soon as possible to allow us to plan effectively for our trip together.
You must register by April 30, 2024
You must pay your balance by April 30, 2024


Who can I contact for help?

If you have any questions regarding your potential participation, health concerns, etc. please email TBE Trip organizers Trina Fuller, Deborah Katz & Cantor Hayut at or call/send any of us a message.
Check the detailed FAQ, Fine Print, etc at our J2Adventures trip website
Call J2 Adventures Customer Care Line at (888) 230-6008, Mon - Thur 8 am - 12 noon Eastern Time.




Are all meals included?

• Daily breakfast, 4 lunches and 3 dinners are included.

What is included in our group meals?

• Our included meals at restaurants will each have a set menu with several choices for individual participants to select among. A certain number of drinks may also be included depending on the restaurant. Anything extra will be the responsibility of the individual participant. 


What if I am a vegetarian or have special dietary needs?

• Vegetarian options will be available for all included meals.
• Please note any dietary restrictions when you register so our tour planners can arrange appropriate meals for you.
• For meals designated as "on your own," Israel has lots of food options! You will be able to find foods that meet your needs.
• If you have extensive dietary restrictions, please check with us before registering

I'm nervous about finding meals "on my own." Will there be help?

• YES!!! No worries!
• Our designated tour educator will have suggestions.
• Cantor Hayut has spent plenty of time in Israel and can help.
• We will go food-sploring together!


Do you have a question? Please fill out this form

We will post questions of general interest with their answers here. If you would like an individual response, please be sure to include your contact information on the form. 

Please note that the J2 Adventures website also has a useful FAQ section

What will our daily schedule / timeline look like?

Most of our scheduled activities will begin between 8 & 9 am and end by 5 pm.
The exceptions are Erev Shabbat, Havdalah / evening program in the City of David and any scheduled group dinners.


How much walking will we be doing during each day's excursion?

J2A stressed that this is not a physically challenging tour but acknowledged that some participants may need a break (e.g. in the museums). There are cafes and plenty of opportunity for rest. They also note that Israelis are the masters of air conditioning! Taxis are plentiful if anyone needs to return to the hotel (at one's own expense).
When we tour the Gaza areas there will be minimal walking. The bus will drop us off where we need to be and then pick us back up to go to the next stop.
The Old City will be a slower paced tour with plenty of places to rest and relax along the way. Our tour educator will work at our pace and be able to offer "off ramps" at all locations, if needed.


What are the beds like in the hotel rooms?

The hotel rooms will have 2 single beds, however Israeli single beds are a bit smaller than those we have in the U.S.


I need an accessible hotel room. What do I do?

All hotels will have rooms to accommodate your needs. When you register, be sure to note that you require an accessible room. A J2A Customer Care Representative will reach out to you to determine your needs and make arrangements for you. 


Can I bring a walker?

• You are welcome to bring your walker. There is plenty of storage on our bus for mobility aides.  Motorized aides will need to fold down to specific dimensions and be stored in the luggage compartment below. Please note that the motor coaches in Israel are not accessible, have some stairs to board and offer no ramps or lifts. We suggest calling the J2A Customer Care Line to discuss your individual needs.
• J2A Customer Care Line: (888) 230-6008 Mon.-Thur. from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET).


Will we be required to sit on the ground at the Bedouin village?

• There will be seating available - although not luxurious.


I need an accessible hotel room. What do I do?

• All hotels will have rooms to accommodate your needs. When you register, be sure to note that you require an accessible room. A J2A Customer Care Representative will reach out to you to determine your needs and make arrangements for you. 


What is the tipping policy?

• The expected tip per participant for our Tour Educator is $12/day and for our driver is $6/day during our 9 days on the ground in Israel.
• Total expected tips: $162 per participant

What are the financial arrangements for our group meals?

• During our included group meals, the cost of the set meal and drink options is prepaid as part of our package. The wait staff will let each participant know if something (such as an additional drink) has an extra charge and will charge the participant individually. 


Will we be solicited for donations during our visits?

• Compensation for our visits to special communities such as the Bedouins or Reform congregations is included in our package. We will not be solicited for donations during these visits.


Do you have advice, suggestions or ideas you want to share with the group? Please fill out this form


We will post items of general interest here.

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